Chapter 8 - Bigger Fish

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Nothing from his handler. Nothing.

No new job. No assignments. No return e-mails. Nothing.

He only uses his computer for keeping in contact with his handler and assignment info. That's all. Afterwards he deletes all applicable info.

Why is his handler out of contact? He came back into town to lie low for a bit but now needs an assignment. Something to happen. He needs to get out of town again but that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon.

Aiden heard the knock on the door and walks over to the peephole. Looking through it Tony stands on the other side, looking both directions to make sure no one else is watching him or paying any attention. In the city hundreds of people could watch something but still not see it. It all matters on the price of an opinion.

He watches as Tony leans into the door, grabbing the doorknob to jimmy the lock. The lock inside is coerced and he turns the knob.

“SMACK!” as Aiden pulls the door open with his right hand and smashes Tony with his left.

Tony flies backwards and hits the walkway ass-first. The downside to not having a sense of hearing? Not being able to listen through the metal door to know that Aiden is waiting on the other side.

“Whuhthefuck man?!?”

Aiden stands in the doorway and looks down at the parking lot where two guys, big fuckers, look back up at him. 

He could take them on but a guy like Tony never comes with brute force. He must've brought some company.

“Get the fuck up, Tony.”

Tony knows what's said without reading lips. He scrambles over and props himself against the railing. The two guys remain standing there, dark clothing, sunglasses and all, staring up at Aiden. The world suddenly grows cold like he just stepped into an old Western movie.

Aiden closes the door behind him. Pointing down at Tony he says, “Stay,” before rounding the staircase down to the lot.

One of the guys, the one on the left, takes out his cellphone and punches a few buttons while keeping his other hand on the gun. These guys are pro, alright. Aiden walks toward him as a limousine pulls up.

Before the door opens, before the limo even stops, Aiden knows the occupant. Veronica. That's all anybody really knows about her. How she and Tony got acquainted Aiden doesn't understand but he has a hunch.

The door opens and her legs uncross as her body turns. Aiden soaks it in from her fuck-me heels, up her strong legs, to her French-tipped fingernails, to her smooth arms, and up and down the work of art she is, all wrapped in million-dollar jewelry. A major league player in the drug racket she runs a legit shipping company and messenger service downtown. Whatever she doesn't own she will soon enough as if she bought it yesterday.

“Would you like to join me, Mister Cobb?” The voice alluring and all-business. And, when you're only other choice is two bodyguards with a few hundred lead-filled buddies and a low-level gopher bleeding on the walkway in front of your apartment, there are worse things; it's just difficult to recall them at a moment's notice.

“If I must...” He walks around, the two guards watching his every move. He opens the door and steps in, closing it behind. She closes hers as well.

“Mister Cobb, can I call you Aiden?”

Trying to butter him up. Sure, why not? He nods.

“I'm a big fan of your work,” she continues, making it sound like he has an exhibit at the museum. “I feel like I know all about you. Would you care for something to drink?”

“No thanks. I had a big lunch.”

She smiles. “I see.” He looks up and down her body again and she doesn't mind; he wants to see what she really wants.

“I would ask about the shipping and messenger services, but it looks like business is good.”

“So it is, so it is. Mind if I get to the point?”

“By all means...”

“I think you have access to something I want.” A lulling sound in her voice.

“I'm sure that anything you want you can buy online.” He replies nonchalamtly.

She gives a wry smile. “That's so under my taste, but I understand what you mean. Let me put it to you this way: I have something you want.”

The idea of her body crosses his mind, but there would be Hell to pay. He's sure of it. Like an old “Twilight Zone” episode where the guy finds out too late he sold his soul to the Devil.

“Veronica, what do you think it is that I want?” He uses all his well-learned politesse.

“I have your handler.”

That explains it. He keeps his emotions back.

“Is that so?”

“And all you have to do is give me what I want.”

He turns his focus to the guards outside the window.

“You have to give me the movie.”

He turns back to her. “What would a cineaste like you want with a DVD?”

“Call me sentimental. It was one of my favorite movies.”

“What's your favorite scene?”

She leans over and squeezes his leg, slowly working toward his thigh. “The scene where the big bad hitman meets the hot woman in the limo...'”

It's nothing less than tempting. He wants to fuck her; to taste the fire and feel the world burn around him. Hellfire and brimstone and maniacal laughing would soon come after. He stops her hand from going any further. “That's no good if I'm dead.”

“I put a hold on your contract.” She leans forward. “That's why no one has collected on it, yet. You get me the disc and I'll let your handler go.”

“And you broker a deal with Thad that cancels the contract?”

Looking into her eyes he knows there is no truth in that. His hand reaches over and touches her leg, his fingers slowly traveling up it.

“How do I know?”
She moves forward and tugs his ear with her teeth and whispers, “We don't.” She leans back and rests against the door.

He clears his throat. “I'm gonna have to think about it.”

“Limited time offer. I'm the only one to redeem it.”

“If I don't?”

Her face goes sour. “Then B and E get info on the mysterious hit on Mister Steven Lucas Hitchcock by a very dead and mysterious hitman.”

Aiden smiles. “Nice doing business with you, Miss Veronica. I'll see myself out.”

He opens the limo door and steps into the bright light. Both guards are watching him.

She rolls down her window as he walks back to his apartment. “Consider my offer.”

He walks up the staircase to his place. Tony winces as Aiden stops at the doorway and unlocks the door. 

Stepping inside he slams the door behind.

Veronica lights a cigarette and blows the smoke out the window. The limo pulls out of the parking lot.